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Nov 14, 2018

Brittney & Michael made my day!

Nothing makes my day quite like getting a beautiful review from wonderful clients! “I don’t know where to start, Michelle is just amazing! From start to finish I felt totally comfortable and…
Feb 27, 2018

Does a New Home Really Need an Inspection?

I always talk to clients about the importance of home inspections, and some people are surprised to hear that I strongly recommend several inspections throughout the process of building a new home….
Feb 15, 2018

Make Your Own Natural Cleaners!

You don’t always have to breathe in the lung-searing fumes of bleach to get your house clean… try these DIY cleaners around the house for a change!
Jan 30, 2018

Can’t get enough of technology?!

I’m not much of an early adopter when it comes to new technologies, but for some people, more is better! If that’s you, check out this article from PCMag.com to find out…
Jan 23, 2018

Winter Maintenance for Your Home

It’s that time of year again! I know most people dread winter, so I won’t mention how much I love it (!), but one way to make it better is by giving…
Jan 15, 2018

Boost Your Chances of Selling

Many of these tips seem like common sense, but are all too easily forgotten. Download this infographic from my bi-monthly magazine to make sure your house is making the best first impression possible!…
Jan 5, 2018

Need Help Making a Down Payment?

One of the biggest obstacles to homeownership can sometimes be coming up with the cash needed to make a down payment or cover closing costs. Many well-qualified buyers think they can’t purchase…