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Amber & Ken

"Most people think when you build a home you don’t need a realtor; I would argue differently."

“There are no words to describe how amazing Michelle is, not only as a realtor, but I can truly call her friend after this experience. Michelle was always straight forward with us from the beginning and told us exactly how our home selling and buying process would go. 2020 was a crazy year for everyone during the pandemic so we thought, let’s not only sell our house, let’s sell both of them and build a house in addition to it (we clearly are crazy). Michelle didn’t even bat an eye at this idea. She was able to put our first home under contract after only 8 hours on the market. Our second home was under contract after 2 days and we had multiple offers. When our appraisal didn’t come back right, instead of stressing out, Michelle took care of it and we got it taken care of without any additional stress. Our new home building experience was the greatest either. Most people think when you build a home you don’t need a realtor; I would argue differently. Michelle was a lifesaver throughout this process. When our builder made several errors with our new home she would have an email drawn up before I could even process what was happening. Days where I was on the verge of tears over frustration, she would call me and talk me off the ledge. She was meant for this job. I thought we were crazy to sell two homes and build another home in the same year, but if you don’t use Michelle as your realtor, you are the crazy one.”

Photo Credit: Jessica Leigh Photography