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Maryanna & James

"Michelle was an absolute beast in our home buying process, and through ups and downs, she came through as the Realtor Extraordinaire...the GOAT!!"

“Michelle was an absolute beast in our home buying process, and through ups and downs, she came through as the Realtor Extraordinaire…the GOAT 🐐! She was beyond patient with all my overthinking and overwhelming personality, but also a pit bull when something needed to be done! You. Are. Amazing. Thank you for answering all my crazy, all-hours messages, and being so detailed and effective!” ~ Maryanna

“There is simply no true words that you can use to express the extraordinary value of having a unique real estate agent. What does that mean, “unique” real estate agent? Michelle is the definition – sure, I can hire anyone to get me to the signing table. And if you have a straightforward purchase with no real issues, she can get you there. But how many of us can say that – you know at least ONE issue, if not more, will come up. I cannot quantify how many agents would fall out of the running when these issues come up. I mean major issues – get down and dirty issues, get on the phone at 6p when you are starving, haven’t had a bite to eat all day, running on 2 hours sleep, but get the job done, no matter what. Michelle is simply the best, the GOAT, as many would say. And here’s the best part, the “unique” part – she can do all that, get you to that signing table, AND throughout the entire process, she’s your FRIEND. Yes, you develop a personal relationship with Michelle – as you should, because THIS house is the BIGGEST purchase you will make in your LIFE. She went from home to home to home to home…you get it, there wasn’t that “sigh” and rolling off the eyes, like my 10 year old daughter likes to give me when I tell her to get off the tablet, when we said “no” to the 342534323rd house. Michelle was beside us, in that battle mode, fighting for that perfectly imperfect house…home. Because, ultimately, you will live many years in this house, with the greatest assets living under that roof, your family. And when all is said and done, Michelle won’t walk away, to never be heard from again, like a one-hit wonder from the 90’s (look up I am the One and Only – great song). No, like the song title says, Michelle is the ONE and ONLY real estate agent you will want to use. And you will refer her to your friends after you’ve experienced what my fiancee and I have – the greatest to do the job!!! That’s good, right? Real talk: Is she perfect – no, she isn’t (are you sure?). Is she the GOAT – I have no idea, real estate agents are a dime a dozen. Do I stand behind what i’m saying here – you betcha. She was fantastic and “unique” and professional – she was the Michelle Sandridge – and I would recommend her for your real estate agent needs 🙂 Thank you Michelle – Maryanna & I were blessed by your services and will continue to be thankful for your friendship and kindness.” ~ James