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  • Put Down That Steam Cleaner!

    Did you know that steam cleaning a pet stain is one of the WORST things you can do?! I didn’t either. Since pet odor is one of the top turn-offs for buyers, I encourage anyone with pets to read this…
  • (VIDEO) Buyers Beware! – New Construction Loan Pitfall

    Would you spend $180,000 to save $10,000? It may (and should) sound crazy to you, but that’s exactly what can happen if you don’t carefully evaluate a lender tie-in when you’re buying a new home. At the outset, having the…
  • Just say NO to basement flooding!

    Water has the power to create incredible damage if it reaches parts of your home where it doesn’t belong. Take a look at these simple (but often overlooked) tips to keep your home safe from water infiltration.  
  • (VIDEO) Buyer Agents Are Not a Luxury!

    Don’t be fooled, friends! Having buyer representation is NOT a luxury just for the select few! Watch my video below and message me if you have any questions!
  • High ROI Upgrades for Sellers

    People ask me questions about these things all the time (“do I havvvve tooooooo?”), and the answer is YES! The pain right now will yield huge returns later… trust me! Want to know which upgrades you should make to your…